Staying Busy and Smart with Unlimited IT Management

Going to Disney World is a wonderful adventure for the whole family. The price of entry is high, but everyone is excited. The only one not too thrilled is the dad when he sees the reality of the situation. The price of entry only got them in the order. Everything else is extra, and the famous Disney World Park becomes a vending machine with $8 hot dogs, shuttle cars, and expenses galore.

Unlimited IT, Flat Fee Price

IT sometimes works in the same type of capacity. The general IT service gets a small to mid-level business in the line-up. Unfortunately, they are delegated throughout a big system, and the IT team may not get to the business right away. The business it support should be all-encompassing. It should include everything without requiring additional payments for unexpected services. Any well-built network it support is too complicated and too expansive to justify nickel-and-diming services that quickly add up. Quality IT management will often come with a flat fee pricing outline.

Services in Package

Customers can get an all-inclusive package that covers many tiers of managed service provider. The flat pricing will include every IT service possible from the team at XITX. The flat fee plan includes some of the below aspects, which only scratch the surface.


Desktop optimization: Clean up the displays and make information easy to get too for all staff members.

Server Management: the server maintains all backend processes. It stores information, both private and public, and acts as the structural backbone of the firm. Keep it well-maintained, and review its quality often.

Security Protocol: System hackers are not necessarily targeting huge institutions because they know their security is impeccable. These hackers are targeting small and mid-level businesses, and they are doing it well. Protect private data to avoid company collapse and, yes, something worse.

Training: Experts will visit the office to help the business achieve their business goals. This will often include teaching them how to be more efficient with the technology, and how to apply the technological ideas in the workplace. The training applies for both team leaders and general staff members.

XITX supports small businesses in their desktop maintenance, server monitoring and support, and their network management. The health of the network and technology directly correlates with the health of the firm. Technology does not get very far when the systems are shoddy and the business is ill-prepared.


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